Order Form for books

There are two ways to order our publications:Method One: Send us your order along with a check or money order.
Method Two: PayPal.

Print and fill out the form found on the next page. Send your cheque to “Safety First Consulting” by mail. 

Note: Paypal is a secure credit card processor. You do not need to be a Paypal member to use this service.

US $
Safety Travel & Etiquette tips $ 6.50 XE.com Currency Converter
+ $2.00 =
Scooter vs Powerchair $ 5.00 XE.com Currency Converter
+ $2.00 = 
Changing Lanes  $ 12.95 XE.com Currency Converter
+ $3.00 =
Good Grief  no longer 
in print
The Red Brick Birdcage
$18 XE.com Currency Converter
+ $3.00 =

Note: all prices are in Canadian Dollars – please use XE.com Currency Converter for US Dollars. Paypal will automatically do these conversions for you when you order.

If you have any questions please send us an email info@changing.ca .

For orders of more than 20 booklets please contact us for pricing

** Many of our books are available for Kindle or Kobo, see
your applicable site. **

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