By Michael Creurer


I wrote the following article because a local non-profit organization was being abused by an able bodied man and his wife. They did not care about people with disabilities but saw an opportunity to earn substantially higher wages than they would be paid in the private sector. It took over two years and many dollars to get rid of this duo. 

Donating Time, Talent & Money

When we give to a non profit organization it is assumed that our time, talents and/or monetary contributions go to a worthwhile cause. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Unless of course, you consider providing employment for a few able bodied people as a good cause. 

Since I believe that giving is the same as receiving, I find giving very rewarding. However, when I give of my time or money, I want to know where my dollars or volunteer efforts are going. When I give, I want my contribution to help the members of the organization that I give to. Administrative costs are necessary for all organizations, but I have a right to know how an organization spends all of its funds. If most of their fundraising efforts are used to pay for an executive director and a few employees, with little left to benefit the membership, I will not donate time or money to that organization. This example does not reflect on all non-profit societies, but is used as a suggestion that we should learn a bit about an organization before we give to it. Some non-profits provide charts showing the percentage of money spent for administration, research and all other programs. If they do not have one, ask for a copy of their latest annual report, it will include financial statements. Give and give generously, but first learn how your money and/or volunteer efforts are used to help the members of the non-profit society of your choice. 

By Michael Creurer 

Current member and supporter of:
Post Polio Awareness & Support Society
Action Committee of People with Disabilities
Paraplegic Association
MS Society of Canada
Disability Resource Centre

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