Good Grief

This book is no longer in print but can be purchased for Kobo or Kindle

‘A guide to help you cope
positively with loss and move
on into a
new phase of your life’.


A Practical Approach 
by Michael Creurer
A Religious Perspective 
by Dee Bissell

About the Authors
Michael P. Creurer, RPC, has been gg disabled for over forty years because of polio and post-polio syndrome. He owned and operated a retail framing business for many years. About ten years ago, the business became too physically demanding and he decided to make a mid-lif career change. He earned the designation Registered Professional Counselor and began counseling physically disabled individuals about three years ago. He also does group counseling and developed a support/information group for post-polios. Michael is divorced and has an 18 year old son.
Dee Bissell, DBC, is the co-founder of Ephesians Life Ministries, Inc., an award-winning program, and a nationally-certified chemical dependency counselor. She has been in the field of substance abuse and counseling since 1976. Dr. Bissell had polio af four months of age and now has post-polio syndrome. She grew up in a home with two alcoholic parents which brought insight into her family counseling and addictions work. She has been married 48 years, has two children and two grandchildren.

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