Occupational therapists & healthcare professionals

Hello my name is Marjorie Rogers and I have lived with Michael Creurer for many years. In 1999 we both realized we could no longer drive our cars as we both have MS. So we took to the sidewalks of Victoria to explore our surrounding.

In 2002 we decided that our myriad of experiences traveling our roads combined with our experience teaching scooter/power chair seminars for the Red Cross and valuable input from occupational therapists, we could benefit many people if we produced a booklet, which we have. The booklet “Safety Travel & Etiquette tips for pedestrians on wheels” is 20 pages and it contains 17 photographs and tips for the safe use of a scooter or power chair. It has been well received by health units in BC, occupational therapists, individual users, retail sellers of mobility devices and many others. We have helped thousands of users get off to a safe start. You can review the booklet by looking under the heading of books.

Please remember, Awareness is the only thing that might prevent accidents, our booklet just might be the key to that awareness!



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