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When I purchased my first scooter ten years ago I thought that because I knew how to drive a car, using a scooter would be easy. In some respects I was correct; it was not too difficult for me to learn how to negotiate my new scooter around, but what I did not realize was that when I took to the streets, I was unfamiliar with pedestrian laws. There is always interaction between pedestrians and motorists; it is advisable to know the local pedestrian laws and to be aware of the habits of drivers in your city. Not all motorists are courteous to pedestrians so we need to be aware that we can be at risk in certain situations. It is our responsibility to be as visible as possible to motorists and make eye contact with drivers whenever possible.
This booklet is the result of many years of interacting with motorists and other pedestrians around my city and others. Sometimes we encounter curb cuts which are inadequate or attempt to access buildings which are not accessible. Using public or private transportation and the myriad of situations which may arise while operating one of these machines are the topics of this booklet.. 

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Some organizations now providing this booklet to their clients/members are:

~ Health Units in Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo and East Kootenay

~ Disability Organizations

~ the State of Wisconsin Vocational Rehab Division

~ Veterans Affairs

~ Utah Options for Independence

~ Scooter/Powerchair sellers in Canada & the US 

~ Red Cross Scooter/Powerchair Safety Seminars

An inquiry from a new customer:

My name is Marty Gallagher and I am an Occupational Therapist. I work at Louisiana Tech University in the biomedical Engineering dept. I work on the staff with other professionals completing evaluations for the disabled. We evaluate clients in the areas of Seating and Wheeled Mobility, Adaptive Computers, Adaptive Driving, Augmentative & Alternative Communication, and Home & Worksite Accessibility. 

My project manager for Adaptive Driving, brought your book, “Safety Travel & Etiquette Tips” to my attention. I liked the contents of this book, especially for the newly injured client. 

We would like to order a quantity of them. 

Marty Gallagher


We use this booklet as a promotional item. We send out hundreds per year. Our potential customers really appreciate the information that it contains. 

Joel Sparks, owner – Canada Scooters


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